Proverbs 31 Woman: Let’s Break It All the Way Down

As a new-newlywed, I spent some time really digging into Proverbs 31. I’d read many articles on the chapter before and obviously, I’d heard many teachings before but I wanted to study it for myself.

Verses 10-31 talk about the attributes of a virtuous woman, a Godly wife. Let me break it down for you verse by verse.

  • v10: An excellent woman is one that is spiritual, capable, intelligent, and virtuous. This type of woman is invaluable.
  • v11: Her husband trusts in her. Her husband’s response to her is a reflection of her character and their relationship.  She will steward and increase her income due to her management of it.
  • v12: She comforts and encourages her husband; she makes it her business to do him good every single day.
  • v13: She is willing to work.
  • v14: she is enterprising (having or showing initiative or resourcefulness), considering her course of action very carefully.
  • v15: She is an early riser, diligent, a go-getter.
  • v16: She’s careful about the opportunities presented to her. She invests in earning assets for her family. It’s not all about being an ignorant housewife. She uses the profits from her assets to invest in her family’s future.
    v17: She prepares herself for all God-given tasks, continually striving to improve in every area of her life.
  • v18: She’s confident and knows that her efforts are good.
  • v19: She’s not afraid to get hands dirty.
  • v20: She has more on her mind than just her family; she extends the work of her hands to the poor and needy as God leads her.
  • v21: She looks ahead to the future needs of her family.
  • v22: Her and her family are presentable, yet modest.
  • v23: “One measure of a wife is the reputation of her husband.” Her actions make her husband greater.
  • v24: She fulfills her mom and wife duties first but has a mind and ambition for more.She sees opportunities and jumps on them.
  • v25: She is strong and courageous. She knows who she is and where she stands.
  • v26: She is wise and gentle with her words. Others around her benefit from her wisdom.
  • v27: She isn’t lazy and is always conscious of her family. 
  • v28: Her children and her husband honor her.
  • v29: This manner of virtuous woman excels over all other women.
  • v30: She fears the Lord.
  • v31: Se receives honor and rewards.

How does this change your mind – if at all – about your role as a wife, mother, and woman?

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